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Launch of Baby Friday clothing

20 Nov


Exactly 8 months after i had given birth to my beautiful daughter Eivissa we found out that we were expecting our second child, as you may be aware, we had complications conceiving with Eivissa so we could hardly contain our excitement at the fact that I had fallen pregnant, we just couldn’t believe it, we felt truly blessed.
From the second we found out we were expecting, we started thinking of names and collecting keepsakes that one day we could all look back on in fondness.the thought of having 2 little ones so close together was exciting for Danny and I as we both grew up with brothers who were only 18 months apart and we knew first hand how cool this could be.
As our 12 week scan approached, the producers from one born every minute got in touch to see if we would like to be involved in a follow up show called ‘what happened next’, this would document our journey in the months after giving birth, having met with the series producer, grace, we decided a good thing to document would be my forthcoming pregnancy, so it was decided that the film crew would attend our dating scan.

The day we found out we were expecting

The morning of our scan was exciting, producer Grace and my mum came round to our house for a quick briefing of how filming would run, we were all so excited, we couldn’t wait to share this with the world and off we went to the leeds general infirmary.
I’ve always praised the hospital staff for how good they are and today was no different, everyone made us feel so welcome and several of the staff remembered us from last time and were thrilled for our news.
The sonographer called us into the room and the camera started rolling, as I lay there with Danny beside me holding my hand, I began to feel how lucky I was and how truly thankful I am that I get to be in this position again.
The gel went on and as she began the ultrasound i could tell by the look on the nurses face that something was wrong, at first I dismissed it but then I saw the look on Danny’s face, that’s when I knew something was really wrong, the news every mother fears and dreads was spoken to me for the first time, we had sadly lost our little baby, devastated doesn’t come close to the pain we felt in that moment, our whole life felt completely dull and numb, all our planning and excitement of our family growing was now shattered and there was nothing we could do to change that, the only thing we could do was change our attitude in that situation.
The first thing I did is pray for every friend that I knew was pregnant that their baby would grow and stay healthy to full term, i wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

To us, it wasn’t a cell, it wasn’t just a thing in my tummy, it was a baby, a son or daughter, a future husband or wife, who would have known what he or she would have gone on to do in life, I felt robbed, broken and hurt that this happened, why me i asked? What have I done to deserve this? Thankfully Danny was there as my rock, he really showed me that bad things happen to good people and that this experience should not be something that we can take and turn around for something good. He was right, what happened was heart wrenching but i had to deal with it the best way I knew how, to get some good out of this bad experience, to use what I had been through to help others dealing with the loss of an unborn child.

As always I’m not going to let past hurts determine my future and hopefully this can strike a chord with others, I know what happened to me happens to women up and down the country every single day and the fact is, its ok to grieve, it’s ok to be sad but don’t let that stop you from believing that the next time you fall pregnant the same will happen again, be positive and remain happy in all circumstances.

Shortly after our friends bought some Chinese lanterns to write messages on, we lit them and watched them float off into the sky as it floated off I felt some of the pain I felt lift.
It was great to smile for the first time in a while and watch them float into sky.

I had to take all my emotion and channel it into something good and that’s when we came up with ‘Baby Friday.’
Friday 13th July 2012 was the day we lost our child and also the same day we thought about starting a baby and kids fashion collection, our aim was to create a collection of beautiful crafted boys and girls clothing and give a proportion of our profits to a charity that supports parents that have suffered a loss in their lives, this way, I knew that with every sale, someone will potentially be helped, this was a dedication to our unborn child.

Baby Friday
I often get frustrated at the lack of style and choice on the highstreet for babies and kids. We wanted to create a collection following the trends that will make your child stand out from the crowd.
Our collection includes girls dresses, baby vests, boys hoodies, accessories and more. We have created designs that even as adults you might want to wear, designs that are in-keeping with fashion trends while still affordable.


The charity we chose to support is Saying Goodbye, this is the first national set of remembrance services for people who have suffered the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, organised by CCEM,an International Event Agency, and supported by many baby loss charities.

Why this charity?
I love the idea of the services, it reminded me of lighting those lanterns and feeling a sense of release when we did it, i really felt that this small act offered some kind of closure and hopefully any parents reading this can take a look at the charity and attend one of there services to help with their losses.

So, after months of hard work, Baby Friday is finally ready, we’re constantly updating the site with new products and special offers so please check it out and remember that you’re not just buying a dress but your helping someone like me to deal with the sadness they have faced


the gift of positive thinking

28 Aug

As you probably know I’m a very positive person, the reason I’m like this is because I choose to be, it’s how I deal with life and ive found that in every situation if I can focus on the good rather than the bad then it can only be beneficial for me.

Some people may look at me and think that I have it all together, like my life is perfect and trouble free, I’m just like everybody else, I have my own problems, I cry, feel sad sometimes and I have to deal with the same things we all go through but the one thing that I find helps me in all this is to look at the big picture of my life and to stay positive.

I know throughout my journey, I’m going to have bumps and turns but they are put there to test and help make me stronger, I’m committed to turn my troubles into victories, to make my sad days, happy ones and to cling onto the tiniest bit of positivity I can find in any situation.

I think a lot of the reason I view life like this is because of my mother, when she was just 17 years old, she moved from Colombia to come study in London, she found her time quite difficult and at times very lonely.
She later moved to Bradford where she met my father and got married and set up home, they then decided to start a family but sadly suffered a couple of miscarriages before giving birth to me.
I was mum and dads little miracle but the doctors soon discovered I had breathing problems and that my chances of survival would be very slim, thankfully I pulled through and mum and dad went on to have 2 more children, Steven and Joy.
Sadly Steven lost his life in an accident when he was just 7 years old, leaving the whole family shattered and broken but mum was determined not to let these things steel joy from her life but turn everything around.

The reason I’m sharing all this is because on paper it looks like my mum has had a very hard life, her circumstances haven’t been the best and having to deal and cope with some of the things she has been through would make most people bitter, angry and negative to the world, rather, my mum has taken all her heartache and turned it into something positive, she realised very early on that her outlook on life will effect me and my sister and even though at times it may have hurt to smile and be positive, she still did it, she always clung onto the tiniest bit of joy in every situation and made that her mission in life.

Me and my Mummy

I began to look at other positive friends in my world and noticed something. That their mothers have all had to deal with tragedy or emmence pain in their lives. I realised that these women had passed on this amazing gift of ‘positivity’ to their children which has gone on to effect how they see their own lives.

My Aunt is in her 60s and has the most amazing story, she was rescued from the streets of Colombia and adopted into my mothers family, she suffered personel losses and had to cope growing up without a mother or father. She later married an English man and had 2 beautiful girls, Joanna and Vanessa. She doesn’t look to the negatives in her life which for a time there was a lot, but is thankful for what she has been given. Her daughters have grown into wonderful women, the eldest a business women and mother of three and the youngest a talented musician and composer who works along side her husband. They both live life to the full and make the most of everything life sends them.
It would be easy to assume that this family have got it all together but the choices my aunt has made has in turn led the family to grow up and be thankful for the smallest things.

Me and my beautiful cousin Vanessa

Another amazing person in my life is one of my closest friends, she is a talented photographer and one of the most positive people I know. Her mother is a wonderful women who lives life to the full and is always smiling! You wouldn’t tell by her outlook on life that when she was 28 years old her husband passed away leaving behind 5 children, the eldest 9 and the youngest Jojo just 12 months.
She did everything in her power to give her children the best she could and raised them all brilliantly, all the kids are grown up and they remain a very close and happy family with the determination to live life and make the most of everything.

Me and my friend Jojo

Sometimes we need to just stop for a second and look at our lives, we all have bad stuff happen to us everyday, none of us are immune to it, the stories above prove that, but don’t stay too long in the negative, it will only haunt you, try and find a glimpse of positivity and hopefully it will help.

I can’t tell you how important it is to pass this down to your children, every day I’m trying to teach Eivissa and encourage her in everything she does, just as my mum did with me, I’d like to think these values are fundamental to shaping how we assess our situations.

Thank you to my Mum and Dad that I get to wake up every morning and be thankful to God for what I have and to strive to make the most of life because everyday is precious.

Mum and me as a baby, me and Eivissa

Happy marriage

21 Mar

To get the picture completely clear I thought it would be good to take you right back to the start of my ‘love life’.

I was a regular 15 year old girl and like any girl of this age had always dreamt about meeting the man of my dreams and living happily ever after, this was a great thought but the problem I had was that I hadn’t even kissed anyone let alone fallen in love. The thought of having a boyfriend or anyone paying me any attention felt far away, my self esteem was low and I thought I was going to be left on the shelf.

At 16 years old I enrolled in fashion college, this was a huge step for me as I wasn’t the most independent person in the world and the thought of leaving my comfort zone seemed very daunting, I was soon put at ease the first day at college when I was greeted by a great bunch of classmates who made me feel so welcome, amongst these new friends was a boy called Danny, I noticed him by his eyebrow piercing and thought to myself he’s not bad.

As I was so insecure about my looks I never thought any boy would find me attractive as I didn’t feel attractive myself so the thought that Danny might like me never entered my mind.
As the weeks went by I started to develop my friendships and I found myself being drawn to Danny, we were hanging out all the time and I just loved been with him, he made me laugh and always encouraged me, could this friendship be turning into something else I thought?

As the months went by our bond together grew and on the 4th november 1999, Danny asked if ‘I’d go out with him?’ I tried to play it cool and said yes, but if it doesn’t work out can we still be friends?’ but the reality was that this was the best day of my life, someone liked me, someone wanted to be with me and the amazing thing was that I wanted to be with him.

20120321-172147.jpg Then and now, 13 years together

We were inseparable, we did everything together, we even got part time jobs at the same company just so we didn’t have to spend any time apart. I couldn’t imagine life without him, we brought out the all the good things in each other he made me value who I was, made me see the person that he saw and gave me the confidence i so needed, we were made for each other and even at 16 we knew that this was our destiny to be together.

After 2 years together Danny asked me to marry him, even though we were only 18. everyone who was close to us knew us as couple and couldn’t imagine us with anyone else, when making big life decisions if those closest to you are happy about it then its a good indication your doing the right thing, when you find ‘the one’ and I believe he or she is out there for every one of us then my thought is why wait?, I have always believed that marriage should be the start of your life and not the end. If two people are going the same direction, when their lives join, they take off! nothing can hold them back. The sad thing is a lot of couples marry without having the same ideas on how they want to take their journey of life, hence they stop and end up living a life holding each other back.

When planning our wedding we dreamt about it being the best and being a representation of our personalties, the only problem was that this was going to cost and as we were paying for the wedding ourselves we knew that our dream wedding would be a difficult task to achieve but that wasn’t going to hold us back, we knew we could do it somehow.

We planned the wedding to be in August 2002 and started working as much as we could to save money. We had to get part time jobs at a telesales centre to help pay for the big day, although we hated the jobs we could earn commission on selling kitchens and bathrooms over the phone, we had become those annoying people who cold call you when your just about to eat your dinner, sorry, but it was for the cause, every penny in commission we earned was put aside and we became super strict with our budget, so much so that our daily budget for lunch was set at £1 (9p bread roll and micro noodles) we managed to save quite a lot but still needed a minor miracle to pay for the wedding we wanted.

9 months later we got what we wanted, the perfect dream wedding, every detail was met, we were just blown away by peoples generosity, people would offer their talents as gifts or offer to pay for a section of the day, all this for us, these amazing family and friends made our dream a reality. We actually totted up what the day would have cost if we didn’t have all the help and it was close to £20,000, we felt the most amazing sense of proudness and gratitude knowing that if you set your heart on something and never loose sight of the end goal then YOU will get the rewards, our day was living proof of this statement.


We started our marriage on the same page, both knowing each others wants and needs, both in tune with one another’s thoughts, if something Is going to work then all the components that make up that device must be working too, it’s the same with relationships, both have to be pulling in the right direction and if you strip it back its quite simple to work out the formula for a successful marriage.

Be best friends, I know this term may sound a bit cheesy but trust me it works. A best friend is someone that you can be yourself around, someone that you can trust with the any secret, someone that you can laugh and cry with, someone that no matter what you say or do will love you the same, someone that will fight your corner and someone that you can have fun with.


Knowing each others love language, this may be a new term for you but this basically means knowing what your partner wants, there are 5 love languages and these are; words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, physical touch, acts of service. These 5 simple things will automatically fall into our character type and one of these languages will be our favourable option that make us feel the most loved, the important thing is that your partner knows yours, here is an example

Your husband works away, he’s home for a few hours here and there and on occasions he may bring you some flowers or a nice piece of jewellery, he wonders why your never happy, after all he is spending all this money on gifts and working hard to support his family, the fact is your not bothered about the gifts as that doesn’t make you feel loved, what you are bothered about is spending some quality time with him, just being together makes you feel loved as you know he is putting you first.

This concept of love languages is about ‘speaking your partners’ language, find out what they like and do exactly that towards them, they will then feel loved which ultimately will lead to you feeling loved. I Recommend a book called ‘the five love languages’ by Gary Chapman

Trust, an obvious one that I’m sure everyone has had to deal with at some point but it’s so simple to get it right if your both honest and I mean honest about everything. I don’t believe that relationships should have secrets, secrets grow like weeds and they grow fast, the longer you leave it the deeper the root gets and the harder they are to dig up. Often if you have trust issues it hurts you more than it does your partner which is never healthy in a relationship, deal with it early to avoid it growing.

Heading in the same direction, this basically means being on the same page, if your partner has a dream to emigrate to south America and your dream is to live in Yorkshire your whole life then there’s going to be a problem, obviously there can always be a compromise but never to the point where you are holding each other back, you HAVE to be on the same team, that is the only recipe for success, opposite teams both want to win and that stubbornness can halt a relationship.

Love, this is an action towards each other that can be based on affection, kindness and compassion. Liking each other is not enough, if you split ‘love’ up then you can break it down to some key points that in marriage will help, the first one being attraction which ultimately develops a bond between the two parties, the second is ‘attachment’ which is the bond that will promote a long and healthy relationship and the last one is ‘commitment’ which is the promise that the relationship will be cemented together no matter what.

Friends, having great friends around you is very important. Chose friends that lift you up, encourage you and that you can have fun with. I don’t think it’s good as a couple to isolate yourselves from friendships, before long you will need them. Make sure you share a group of friends that you both can relate to, that you can help one another and bring the best out of.

These principles have been the key to my amazing marriage, this year we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and I can honestly say that it has been the best 10 years of my life, every day I get to wake up with the man of my dreams and every day seems like a new adventure. Now we get to start our family together building it on the foundation of our strong marriage


Now I’m not claiming to be a marriage guru but what I can say is that we are blessed to have what we have and I don’t take the responsibility of marriage lightly, what I will say is that the formula we have definitely works so feel free to give it a shot

Ticking off the bucket list (Los Angeles)

5 Mar

I believe in living life to its fullest and never taking a day for granted, I never want to get to my grave and feel like I hadn’t lived, when we leave this earth, we cannot take our money or our possessions with us but what we can do is leave a lasting list of memories for others to cherish, that’s why this post is about some of the items on my bucket list that I wanted ticking off, I encourage anyone to live there dreams and do all the things that they want to do!

From being a little girl I have had an obsession with all things American, a few of the things on my bucket list would need to take place in the USA. So when we came to the point of feeling we were ready for kids, we decided to plan a ‘last trip before kids’ holiday to LA.
We went all out! A trip to Vegas to renew our vows, a tour of the UCLA university Campus and clubbing on sunset, we were going to live the ‘American dream’

Pics of some of the things I got ticked off my list

A night out on sunset blvd. $1 bills fell from the sky that night, we collected $45 between us!

The tailgate (where people have BBQ and play beer pong) before the UCLA college football game with our friends Dave and Louisa

Watching the game, we sneaked into where the college kids were and sat near the marching band, felt like we were in a teen movie!

We all renewed our vows in Vegas where Britney got married. Even got a limo there! Bottom right: The gang after we all renewed our vows to each other. 19 years of marriage between us.

The ceremony. One of the highlights of the trip, always wanted a cheesy wedding in Las Vegas

We went to McDonald’s for our wedding breakfast!! Our grooms strutting their stuff in The Venetian casino hotel

Top right winning a jackpot on the wheel of fortune of $6! Bottom Left: The Rehab pool party in The Hard rock casino

Fun on the beach. Top left: watching a band. Middle left: tandem biking along Venice beach. Bottom left Danny and Mitchell hiring a surf board.

Top left: S’mores on the beach (biscuit, chocolate and melted marshmallow squashed together. Yum!) Top right: shopping down Rodeo drive. Bottom left driving a convertible Mustang along the Malibu coast. Bottom right: we went to sit in the audience of the Tonight show with Jay Leno

We got the most out of our trip and made everything count. Our bucket list continues and the cool thing now is that we have our precious children to share it with us, my friend Esther and her husband Mitch had Indie Rae 30th may 2011,followed by our beautiful Eivissa Cali,17th September 2011 and finally Louisa and Dave had their little boy Austin Basil, 13th Febuary 2012

Bottom left Louisa and Austin. Bottom middle: Me and Eivissa. Bottom right: Esther and Indie

make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and treat every day as if it were your last and finally have no regrets!

Losing my brother

1 Mar

I have been wanting to write about a subject that i have personally found difficult to talk about, never mind write about, but I believe in facing your fears and hopefully my experience can help someone.

At the age of 10 I lost my younger brother, Steven, who had an accident at a swimming pool. He was running along the side of the pool, when he slipped and fell in the water, he was immediately rushed to hospital where he was put on a life support machine, after a few days of no response, the doctors told my parents there was nothing they could do and that the life support machine should be turned off.

Those days while he was in hospital I stayed with a friend and I prayed every minute that he would be ok and trusted that god would protect him, I kept strong and didn’t for one minute think anything other than positive thoughts. I remember visiting him in hospital and seeing him lay there with tubes hanging out of him and a mask over his face, I wanted to ask if he was pretending as this was a game we used to play but for some reason didn’t and instead I remember looking at him and feeling such peace, I knew god was going to look after him.

A few days later,the lady I was staying with said we had to go to the hospital, once there I waited in the car whilst she went to see my parents, a short while later, she returned and asked if I wanted to go in? I didn’t really want to but she insisted and reluctantly I followed her in, in the corridor, i saw my cousin crying and I said ‘don’t worry, he’ll be fine’, I was greeted by mum and dad who sat me down and told me that the machine had been turned off and he had passed away.
‘No no no no’ I was saying. how could this be? Immediately I looked for things that I could have done to save him, maybe if I was at the swimming pool I could have stopped it, these thoughts were followed by regrets like the time I told him I would play a game with him but didn’t or the time when i wanted to spend time with him but went to my friends instead, my world came crashing down, the thing i loved more than anything was taken away from me. My beautiful brother Steven Alexander Tindale, aged 7 was gone but truly not forgotten.

Top left: Me, My sister Joy and Steven. Top right: Steven he was such a fun happy boy
Bottom left: Me and My Mum. Bottom right: My Dad and My baby Eivissa

The weeks after his death was such a strange time, even though I was only 10 years old, I felt like a grown up, I understood everything and found my own way of grieving. I avoided his room for weeks, the thought of going in there and seeing all his toys and his things everywhere was too scary to deal with, even the toys around the house that belonged to him, I avoided. Everything that reminded me of that day I wanted to erase, the dolls that I was playing with on the day it happened were packed away and never played with again,

As the years went by, I kept a lot of things bottled up, I never wanted to bring up the subject of Steven in front of mum and dad as I didn’t want to upset them.
Despite what happened I had the best upbringing I could ask for, I have a loving mum and dad and little sister who I adore, I’m so thankful that they remained strong for us and we kept a strong family unit that will never be shaken.

I got to a point in my life where I felt I could deal with things and even though the tragedy will never be forgotten, I felt that I had got to a good place in my mind about the situation, Everything was brought back into light when I had my interview with the production crew of one born every minute, they asked a lot of questions and the subject of my brother was brought up, I remember the producer asking why I had such a positive outlook on life even though I had gone through such a horrible experience, I told her that I’ve always being a very positive person and I like to see the good in everyone and everything, bad things will always happen to good people but the only person it hurts by being negative is yourself. I could have easily taken my circumstance and got angry at god, angry at people and angry at the world but why, why should my life suffer because of my past hurts, I live for now and cherish every breath I have and thank god for my wonderful husband, beautiful daughter and amazing family and friends, this life we live in is so short and I’m determined to make mine count.

When my daughter was born it made me see things through a parents eyes, I love her so much, love that I thought I would never feel, it’s weird how you are willing to die for something that has only been in the world a matter of seconds, I began to truly understand the pain that my parents must have gone through and I have cried a lot recently over my brother and loss my mum and dad must have felt.

I owe a lot of the way I am am down to my mum and dad who have the most positive outlook on life, I never hear them say anything bad about anything, they truly are great role models and amazing people, what they dealt with should never happen to any parent but the way they remained even though the answers as to ‘why’ it happened may never be answered is inspirational and defiantly shaped the way I am.

The message I want to send in this blog is quite simple, bad things will always happen to good people, it’s natural to have emotions and scars that will always be there but we cannot let this define us as people, we have the ability to choose our thoughts and choose how we do life, and my attitude is to do it as well as I can and enjoy every second of it! I choose to not let my past hurts destroy me, rather use them to help others.

This post is in memory of my little brother Steven ‘safely in the arms of God’

Loving you and your body!

15 Jan

Your body, its a big subject for us girls! We all talk about it and many of us think about it and im sure at times we have had issues with it. It is always nice to feel confident in yourself, i know first hand the constant battle between your mind and body.

Growing up, I never had issues with my body, I could eat what I liked and not
worry about it, I never understood why anyone would read the diet pages in
magazines or why exercise could consume someone’s life, to me, this seemed bizarre until one day my life became just that!

Me as a care free kid!

I started training about 7 years ago, my aim was to tone up, get fitter and nothing else. At that time I was comfortable in my skin, comfortable in who I was and secure in my mind.
After a few sessions i noticed my body gaining muscle and i started to feel much bigger, which was never my intention. I trusted my trainers routine so I
assumed that it must be my diet that needed to be more strict, as the weeks went by I found myself training harder and being super strict with diet, yet I continued to build more muscle, my whole life became about my new routine of training and eating, I soon found myself in a downwards spiral heading towards this person I never thought would exist, I felt so alone, so ashamed of what I had done to myself, I became insecure, I hated my body and I hated anyone else seeing it. it didn’t take me too long to realize that I had an unhealthy relationship with food and that I was heading towards an eating disorder, it was also at this point that my periods stopped.

As the months went by I realized this was a mind issue. I had to learn to love myself again, to see what my husband saw in me. I thought to myself that
when I get to the other side, I’m going to use my experience to encourage women to love themselves for who they are and to teach them that beauty comes from inner confidence, and once they find this inner beauty then their outer beauty will shine.

I remember a trip to America and that’s when the penny dropped, I thought to
myself that this is not ‘me’, where is that little girl gone that never thought about these things? I needed to take control, i knew i had a problem but the solution to fixing it seemed to difficult to face, i was determined to go back to my old self and by taking control I was confident in going back to the old me.

Fast forward a few years later and thankfully I had managed to become ‘me’ again. With a lot of encouragement from my husband and close friends I became free from the burden of watching what I ate and constantly thinking about my body. I felt healthy, full of life and proud of the new me.

It was at this point that Danny and I decided to start a family, the only problem being that my periods had yet to return, i knew my state of mind was good and my insecurities had gone, i just had to get my body lined up with my mind, thankfully we managed to concieve and I was determined that my little girl would never have to deal with the problems i had, we were going to do everything in our power to make sure she feels beautiful and loved and grow up with so much confidence. i was detemined that she was going to feel beautiful, so much so that we gave her the middle name ‘cali’ which means ‘most beautiful’

My beautiful Eivissa Cali

When I found out I was pregnant, i was so happy with who i was, i was willing to accept the natural change that my body was going to go through in the next 9 months, rather than get myself down about the weight i was going to gain, i decided to embrace it and accept that the extra fat was for my baby, to protect her and give her the nutrients she needs when breastfeeding, this doesnt mean we have an excuse to ‘eat for two’, by keeping a healthy balanced diet we are looking after ourselves and our babies

In an earlier blog ‘how to dress your pregnant tummy,’ i talk about being ‘house proud,’ this means to love the body you have been given and be proud of it, when you love your homes, you respect them and
take care of them. We should do the same with our bodies.

If we women can learn to love ourselves, then that transmits to others, i can always tell a confident person, by the way they walk and hold their head, you dont need to have model looks and a size 8 body to look good, you can be whatever size suits you, so long as you look after yourself and feel confident then there should be no stopping you, love you for you!!

ive had a few people ask about looking after your body during pregnancy and getting your figure back after.

here are some tips
during pregnancy

*stretch mark oil is amazing, i went through bottles of it.
*don’t over eat, you only need an extra 200 calories per day (the equivalent of 3 apples)
*stay active, if your up to it. i was teaching dance classes at 8 months

To help get your figure back
*breast feeding is great for baby and for you.This is quickest way to get your body back. You can burn up to 500 calories a day!
*go for walks with the push chair or with baby in a carrier
* most important love and stay true to yourself

Me and Danny 3 months after Eivissa was born