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Fashion tips for pregnancy (basics 1 & 2)

3 May

In this video I show you how to dress your pregnant tummy by accessorising a basic stretch dress and tights.

This video shows how to wear casual seperates using basic black leggings

These clips show there is no need to spend alot of money on maternity wear. You can still look faboublous and blooming buy using items you may already have in your wardrobe.


how to dress your pregnant tummy

5 Jan

perfect examples of dresses to wear! one of my best friends, louisa 32 weeks pregnant(centre) with her sister olivia pregnant with twins!(left) they both look beautiful!

Ok girls, lets talk straight now, how many women do we see fall

pregnant and start dressing as if they forgot that fashion existed? wearing so many layers and looking 9 months rather than 3! Lets face it, there isn’t much out there on the shelves to help us feel sexy while growing our precious babies, I mean, come on, ever seen a sexy tent? no, so what can we do?

Firstly, we need to be loving ourselves and our bodies because they are amazing things. Our body is our home that we live in whilst here on earth, so let’s get house proud! People who love their home decorate it, hang lovely curtains up, paint the walls and keep it looking spic and span! well, that’s exactly what we should be doing with our bodies, it doesn’t matter what size you are, its how you decorate it!

Secondly, you got pregnant in the first place because your partner found you beautiful enough to have sex with so place some value on him and make him feel he is worth looking good for, you don’t want your other babies to be conceived out of practicality!

third, and final point, its important for us mums and mums to be to be representing women in general and showing everyone out there that we can look good for ourselves, our partners and everyone else,

At a fashion show with my husband Daniel showing off my bump in this striking strech rouche dress

so, once these things are in place the rest will follow. if you look good, you feel good then soon you can be that pregnant lady walking down the high street turning people’s heads!

Here are some of my tips on how to dress that bump!!

*try stay away from lots of layers, our bodies are growing and we don’t want to add to this by giving ourselves extra bulk

*a little bit of cleavage never hurt anybody, your breasts are at the fullest ever so invest in a good bra and don’t be afraid to wear an ever so slight plunge

*leggings are great! full length ones look the best and elongate the leg making you look taller

*don’t be afraid to wear a heal, im not talking 6 inches but it helps posture and believe it or not, works those muscles
(not recommended if you don’t normally wear heals your balance can be off when pregnant so be careful)

*shift dresses are fab, they fall from your bust and sweep over your bump, very classy

*one good pair of maternity jeans, high street is a great place to start, remember your shape when choosing, and choose a cut that flatters your body

*stretch dresses are good as they expand as you do and show off your new-found curves and can be dressed up or down

* a fitted waist coat is great, it may not fasten. but worn open it still will nip you in at the waist

no matter what your size, these simple tips will help, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and all your investments can be worn after pregnancy.. REMEMBER, CONFIDENCE IS KEY!

my maternity photoshoot with jojo stott photography

5 Jan

My dearest friend, Jojo Stott did this fabulous photoshoot with me at 9 months pregnant. Her pictures are stunning, check her out

i love my tummy