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Cataleya at 7 months

4 Jun

Time has just flown by and our second little princess is already 7 months. I am bursting at the seems with love for her. Her character is already showing and I can tell she is going to have a good sense of humor. She is always giggling, especially at her older sister.


She’s crawling around and cruising furniture. Every time I turn my head she is stood against something new. I am going to be doing a lot of running around in the next few months.

Just so in love with her little face. Her blues eyes and her little determined tongue that sticks out every time she tries to do something.



Like her big sister she comes everywhere with us. We even took her to the movies to see Anchorman (Which she slept through, I might add!)



I think the most surprising thing, which should be so obvious is how different the girls are. I don’t know why we expect all babies to be the same. It reconfirms to me that what works for one baby won’t necessarily work for another. A lot of things are trial and error.

Cataleya feeds completely different to her sister did. Instead of stressing, I adapted the routine I used for Eivissa to suit her. Within one day, the baby that was crying non stop from 7pm till midnight was a dream, I was amazed. Babies are all different, just like adults their wants are different from one another. These past 7 months I have been getting to know my new baby, It’s been so enjoyable and I feel much more confident in my abilities as a mother, I stopped giving myself a hard time or worrying if I’m doing things right, I have just simply delighted in being a mum.


I feel totally blessed to have two beautiful daughters. I thank God every day.

Celebrating her 6 month birthday with her first taste of food.