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Happy Mother’s Day, fellow mummies

13 Mar

I still have to get my head around the fact that I’m now a mum, when you are younger you think about the day you’ll become a mum but it feels so far in the distance and when I eventually entered the world of motherhood it felt very surreal. So when Mother’s Day comes around I have to remind myself it isn’t just about my mum anymore, it’s now about about me too. With our eldest little girl still only 2, it’s over to hubby to help her out and make it a special day. He always does a fantastic job of making me feel spoilt, from breakfast in bed, chocolates and of course a little bit of retail therapy.

This year I will be enjoying Mother’s Day with 2 beautiful daughters which is such an amazing feeling. I feel so blessed to now have these treasures in my life. I appreciate every moment of being a mum and I never knew it would bring me so much happiness and completion. Being a mum gives me more drive to go for my dreams, knowing that I’m not only living for my own but helping that of my children’s.

If I think about what being a mum means to me, then I think of it as the most important job in the world. Us mums are shaping the future generation, we are teaching morals and behaviour to someone’s future husband or wife, we are maybe helping the future prime minister with their home work. So next time someone says what do you do? the response shouldn’t be “I’m just a stay a at home mum”, rather say, “I’m a investor in the future,” I think they will be way more impressed.

So as I sit and ponder what Mother’s Day should really mean I have decided it should be more than just a pamper day, more than just a day when we can drink a cup of tea that hasn’t been microwaved to death. It should be a day to celebrate the others mums we do life with, to lift up every mother in our world and say you are doing amazing and you should be proud of yourselves.
All mums question at some point if they are doing a good job and the answer is yes, yes you are doing a good job, ok, we may get things wrong, we may not have mastered the art of dismantling the push chair but who cares, just because were not a professional nappy changer doesn’t mean we’re not a good nappy changer. We need to remember that there is no other person in the world that can give that child the love of a mother.

Enjoying family life and being a mummy to two beautiful girls.

I want to dedicate this blog post to a few amazing mummies I know.
My mum, wow, you amaze me every day. You are my best friend. I love to sit and be with you, to chat with you and of course to shop with you. You have helped me be the mum I am to my daughters, who absolutely adore you. Thank you for bringing me up the best way you knew how, for giving me my morals, for teaching me to think of others and for protecting me through the hard times. I love you and you are the most fabulous and beautiful mummy in the world. Here’s to more excitement and adventure!

Me and my Mum

My mummy friends, you’re incredible, I have enjoyed every second of this journey into motherhood with you. I love how you see the good in every day even when it’s not been such a good one. I am astounded at your strength through tough times. The heartache of giving birth to a premature baby, the sadness of miscarriage, the sorrow of being a mum with out your mummy with you, the fight to conceive or the struggle of parenting alone. These times have opened your eyes to see how amazing the gift of being a mum is and how wonderful the rewards are. All we have to do is look at their little faces.
You are an inspiration. Thank you for the play dates, giggles, coffee and tonnes of cake! Most of all thank you for being you.

Love you girls.

To every mother, Happy Mother’s Day! Why not treat one of your mum friends this Mother’s Day.

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