Setting up my birth pool from My Good Birth

1 Oct

Choosing the right pool for you to give birth in is very important and I wasn’t quite sure where to look at first. When I found Pool in a Box on the My Good Birth website I knew it was perfect for the experience I was hoping for.

I opted for the regular size so Danny could get in to the pool too if he wanted to. The fact it’s inflatable made it seem easy to put up and comfortable to lean on. It comes with a seat and a cup holder and the standard kit comes with everything you need for birth. Floor lining, thermometer, tap adapters and pipes for filling, non slip mat, submersible pump and strainer. I also got a hooded towel for baby, water cup, an anchor for helping different positioning in second stage of labour and a clear fit cover.


I ordered my pool and kit before 1pm and it arrived the next day with a text from the courier letting me know what hour they would be delivering. It was a fab delivery service especially if your worried baby is going to make an early appearance.


Sitting in my box! Can’t wait to set it up, with help from hubby of course.

We decided our bedroom would be the best place so I could get straight onto my bed after. The instructions were easy to understand and Danny had the pool up in no time. We put the cover over the top to keep it clean and sterile inside. Now all we need to is wait for labour to begin.

All prepared! Cameras at the ready too and I will post the link to watch my birth, when it happens!



I am so pleased with my birth pool and I can’t wait to use it. I feel it will really help towards a relaxed and wonderful home birth.

Order your pool in box at

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