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Announcing the birth of Cataleya

21 Oct

Our Beautiful miracle, Cataleya Lilianna was born at 2.50 on 21st October 2013 by home water birth.


Her name is Colombia’s national flower and means beauty, strength and love and we Love her so much!


Setting up my birth pool from My Good Birth

1 Oct

Choosing the right pool for you to give birth in is very important and I wasn’t quite sure where to look at first. When I found Pool in a Box on the My Good Birth website I knew it was perfect for the experience I was hoping for.

I opted for the regular size so Danny could get in to the pool too if he wanted to. The fact it’s inflatable made it seem easy to put up and comfortable to lean on. It comes with a seat and a cup holder and the standard kit comes with everything you need for birth. Floor lining, thermometer, tap adapters and pipes for filling, non slip mat, submersible pump and strainer. I also got a hooded towel for baby, water cup, an anchor for helping different positioning in second stage of labour and a clear fit cover.


I ordered my pool and kit before 1pm and it arrived the next day with a text from the courier letting me know what hour they would be delivering. It was a fab delivery service especially if your worried baby is going to make an early appearance.


Sitting in my box! Can’t wait to set it up, with help from hubby of course.

We decided our bedroom would be the best place so I could get straight onto my bed after. The instructions were easy to understand and Danny had the pool up in no time. We put the cover over the top to keep it clean and sterile inside. Now all we need to is wait for labour to begin.

All prepared! Cameras at the ready too and I will post the link to watch my birth, when it happens!



I am so pleased with my birth pool and I can’t wait to use it. I feel it will really help towards a relaxed and wonderful home birth.

Order your pool in box at

Choosing a home water birth

1 Oct

I absolutely loved my first birth experience, so when thinking about options for my second birth I wanted an even calmer, more relaxed atmosphere, so a home water birth felt like the natural thing to do. One born every minute were now filming in Bristol, if they had been filming in leeds I would have loved to have been part of the series again. My husband had two dreams that he had delivered our baby at home. (He never remembers his dreams! ) so that got me thinking why don’t i prepare for a home birth. Feeling prepared is a big part of me being in control and relaxed. We attended a home birth class at the LGI and I was convinced. The sastistics were very interesting and realised everything I needed for my first birth would be in my house, so why go any where else?

This information is from the NCT web site
Research has found no difference in the death rates of mothers or babies between planned home births and hospital births. Studies have found that, compared to women planning a hospital birth, those planning a home birth have:

a lower risk of having a caesarean section,
a lower risk of an assisted delivery, i.e. forceps or ventouse and
less risk of haemorrhage.
This was confirmed by the Birthplace study which found that women planning a home birth were more likely than women planning for birth in other settings to have a normal birth: 88% of planned home births are ‘normal births’ compared to just under 60% of planned obstetric unit births.

Labour tends to progress well at home, where women feel relaxed and free to move as they wish. You are also under less pressure to labour within strict time limits. This means there is less need for intervention such as drugs to speed up labour, or delivery with forceps or ventouse. These interventions carry risks, as well as potential benefits, and are more likely to be suggested in a hospital birth. Finally, there is less risk of infection at home, for both mother and baby.

Babies born at home are:

less likely to be in poor condition at birth,
less likely to have birth injuries and
less likely to need resuscitation.
Your midwife will monitor your baby’s heart and your condition regularly through labour, and will advise that you transfer to hospital if she has any concerns about the health of either of you. The aim is to transfer well before a situation becomes an emergency.

This information defiantly put any worries out of my head and any negative comments I’ve heard about home birth being more dangerous than a hospital birth in anyway to mother or baby.

My pros for having a home waterbirth
* relaxing atmosphere that we can create with candles, lighting etc
*be able to play music
*will be prepared if baby decided story come quick
* be able to get straight on to my bed
* have the full attention of 2 midwives
* don’t have to worry about the hospital being being busy
*won’t have to make the car journey to hospital in labour
* Danny can be in the pool with me
* my daughter can be close by
* the community midwife I have seen for all my checks will be delivering the baby.
* all the medical equipment and injections I had in hospital for my first birth will be brought to my house
* I can set my video camera up to film
* I can have as many visitors as I want as soon i would like

My cons for having a home birth
* possibility of being transferred to hospital
* won’t have the bringing baby home moment

As you can see there are far more pros for me deciding to have a home birth for my second baby. When I think about my next birth Experence I get so excited about the feel of peace and celebration in the air.

I am so glad I had my first birth in hospital as being there made me feel more at ease. The midwives were brilliant and I had the most calm and un medical experience I could have being there. Now I know how my body works I feel I a home water birth would be perfect this time. It would give me just that extra bit more control of my surroundings and atmosphere.