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Great kids clothing

6 May

Now, you all know that I love fashion and especially kids fashion, it’s an industry I’m involved in and I’m always on the look out for new things for Eivissa, things that are a little different and unique. Don’t get me wrong,I love the High street and think the last couple of years shops have made a great effort to get away from the gimmic cartoon character motifs and create more lines that are cool in style, but it’s always nice to know that little boutiques are slowly making there mark.

Just last week we were invited to the launch of a new children’s store in the prestigious Victoria Quarter in Leeds, as always with these events I was excited as I love to chat and meet new people as well as sample some of the nibbles which were supplied by my favourite restaurant, Anthony’s.

Vicky @honestmummy, me and owner Charlotte.

We arrived and straight away I knew that this shop was going to be one of those gems in Leeds. It’s only a small little boutique but packed with quality, often in stores, you have a couple of great pieces surrounded by some average pieces but not this one, every item had been hand picked and thought about with prices to suit all budgets whether it be a £4 headband or £300 christening gown.

The thing that stood out more than the garments was the staff, I don’t know about you, but I will go back to a place time and time again if the service is excellent. It makes your shopping experience pleasant and memorable. All shops have targets and sales to meet but you should never feel pressured to buy, this can often put you in an awkward position and in the long run can damage the reputation of the store as you don’t want to go back to pushy sales staff. The impression I got from the owner, Charlotte, who also runs the shop on a day to day was that this is a place to come and browse, enjoy the clothes and also have great conversation, this is rare today as most people are too busy to converse but the boutique environment creates a relaxed atmosphere that I am very fond of.

Top; some of the great clothes on offer
Bottom; Danny, me, Eivissa and owner, Charlotte

The shop is designed so buggies can manoeuvre easily and there’s baby changing facilities and plans to put in a breast feeding area, all things for the convenience of the shopper rather than the shop, it’s dedicated to quality and carries some of the world’s most unique designer brands. It also offers a child’s photography service with a chic studio on site, which is owned and managed by Joseph Photography.

So if your looking for something unique whilst affordable, head down to Cootchie Coo in Leeds and I’m sure you will be impressed.