Mamas and papas new Leeds store

24 Mar

It was great to be invited down to the grand opening of the new Mamas and Papas store in Leeds new shopping centre, Trinity.
To say impressive is an understatement, the complex is magnificent and the buzz around the place was great, it really made me feel very proud to call this my city.

We were greeted at the door by a huge smile that belonged to shop assistant Becky, welcomes like this put you at ease and make your first step into the store a positive one and Mamas and Papas have certainly made a great first impression.

We were then introduced to one of the PR girls, Holly, who had organised for myself and another blogger to come and write about our experience of shopping in the new store.

We were given a tour by assistant manager Holly and I was very impressed with the facilities they had on offer. There has been so much thought put into the target markets needs and this was reflected by the services they had to offer. There is a feeding area, a bottle warming area, the isles are wide enough for pushchairs to fit through, its these simple things that enhance your experience, make it memorable and make you want to go back time and time again. As an added extra, the girls from Mint nail salon were giving shoppers free manicures, obviously I had to indulge!


Also at the store were some of my favourite kids TV presenters that I grew up watching, Sarah Cawood, Michael Underwood and his beautiful wife Angelica Bell.
I found it very interesting that they specifically choose these people to represent their brand as they too have young children and therefor appeal to the brand and are relatable to other shoppers, it was so nice to meet and chat to them and seeing them interact with staff and customers gave the store an extra buzz.

Top:Sarah Cawood, honest mim blogger,Danny, me, Eivissa, Michael Underwood and Angelica Bell
Bottom left; me, Eivissa and Michael Underwood
Bottom right; my perfect little family

Once the tour and chin wagging ended it was time to shop, and I was ready! We were kindly given some vouchers and I couldn’t wait to get started.
I opted for some beautiful brown leather moccasins, a cream, pleated sheer shift dress that I can’t wait for Eivissa to wear, a Sophie the giraffe teether, some baby grows and a potty! My shopping experience was great and all this for under £70! If i had to find one fault it would be that there is too many nice things to buy, oh well, it’s a perfect excuse to go back.

I fell in love with this rocking horse and Eivissa loved it, it’s definitely going to be one of my next purchases.

I’ve shopped at mamas and papas several times and time and time again, staff have been impressive and attentive to my needs, I’ve never met a member of staff that is having an ‘off day’.
It really does make a difference when staff are good at their jobs and offer service with a smile. The store at Trinity Leeds is living up to the hype that Mamas and Papas have built their reputation on. I would recommend going down to see for yourself.

Some of the great facilities and my purchases.

One Response to “Mamas and papas new Leeds store”

  1. March 26, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    What a fabulous post! It is a truly brilliant shop with beautiful kids clothes, furniture and toys. I loved their Maternity range when pregnant too! Lovely meeting you too x

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