Disney on Ice

4 Mar

We were so excited to take Eivissa to see Disney on ice- lets party! But I’d have to say, I was just as excited to see it myself! Disney was a huge part of my childhood, I knew all the words to the Aladdin film, so the thought of seeing it up close was very appealing to me.

The show was at the Liverpool Echo Arena which is a great venue set on the docks overlooking the Mersey, its surrounded by great restaurants and has ample parking in and around the venue.

Upon entering the arena, we were told we could park our pushchairs in a secured area which was a big help. We then headed to our seats which were positioned 3 rows from the ice, the view was great and as the lights dimmed we knew we were about to witness a great show.

A 1 minute notice was given that show was about to start so we sat in anticipation waiting for the arrival of the Disney characters. Micky, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

Outside the arena

It was so lovely to see all the children dressed in Disney costumes, the girls dressed as princesses and the boys were head to toe in toy story outfits, my only regret is that I didn’t dress up.
There was plenty of merchandise to purchase too, toys, plastic Micky and Minnie ears and themed disney food were on offer.



The theme of the show was ‘let’s party.’ Micky and Minnie lead the way through the scenes and other characters old and new pop up throughout the show, there was visuals on a screen and plenty of lights and sing along songs for the kids.
With Eivissa being 18 months, I wondered if if she would watch, but as soon as it started she couldn’t take her eyes off the show, her friend Austin (12 months) sat through the whole thing bopping away to the music. Eivissa did get a bit restless and wanted to walk to the front and sit on the steps and do a bit of dancing, but other than that she was hooked.

Eivissa and Austin enjoyed the first half of the show.

Eivissa sat as near as she could get!

The show had lots of highlights, my favourite was the Disney princess part with Aladdin, Jasmine and the Little Mermaid. The Halloween party was very good including all the Disney baddies and the skating was excellent, lots of lifts and spins.

To my amazement, Danny enjoyed it too! He has never been a big fan of Disney but I did see him clapping along and humming the songs, although he denied this afterwards. By far the best part has to be hearing all the kids go wild when the toy story cast come out onto the ice, they absolutely loved it.

The show was just the right length of time and was action packed. It had a small break half way through and each half was filled with everything you could imagine to keep your child entertained, I would recommended taking your children to see it, il definitely be taking Eivissa to see it again.

The finale!

If you are looking to go then I highly recommend DB promotions to book your tickets, very friendly, efficient and a great service throughout.
Here’s their website http://www.dbpromotions.co.uk

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