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Launch of Baby Friday clothing

20 Nov


Exactly 8 months after i had given birth to my beautiful daughter Eivissa we found out that we were expecting our second child, as you may be aware, we had complications conceiving with Eivissa so we could hardly contain our excitement at the fact that I had fallen pregnant, we just couldn’t believe it, we felt truly blessed.
From the second we found out we were expecting, we started thinking of names and collecting keepsakes that one day we could all look back on in fondness.the thought of having 2 little ones so close together was exciting for Danny and I as we both grew up with brothers who were only 18 months apart and we knew first hand how cool this could be.
As our 12 week scan approached, the producers from one born every minute got in touch to see if we would like to be involved in a follow up show called ‘what happened next’, this would document our journey in the months after giving birth, having met with the series producer, grace, we decided a good thing to document would be my forthcoming pregnancy, so it was decided that the film crew would attend our dating scan.

The day we found out we were expecting

The morning of our scan was exciting, producer Grace and my mum came round to our house for a quick briefing of how filming would run, we were all so excited, we couldn’t wait to share this with the world and off we went to the leeds general infirmary.
I’ve always praised the hospital staff for how good they are and today was no different, everyone made us feel so welcome and several of the staff remembered us from last time and were thrilled for our news.
The sonographer called us into the room and the camera started rolling, as I lay there with Danny beside me holding my hand, I began to feel how lucky I was and how truly thankful I am that I get to be in this position again.
The gel went on and as she began the ultrasound i could tell by the look on the nurses face that something was wrong, at first I dismissed it but then I saw the look on Danny’s face, that’s when I knew something was really wrong, the news every mother fears and dreads was spoken to me for the first time, we had sadly lost our little baby, devastated doesn’t come close to the pain we felt in that moment, our whole life felt completely dull and numb, all our planning and excitement of our family growing was now shattered and there was nothing we could do to change that, the only thing we could do was change our attitude in that situation.
The first thing I did is pray for every friend that I knew was pregnant that their baby would grow and stay healthy to full term, i wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

To us, it wasn’t a cell, it wasn’t just a thing in my tummy, it was a baby, a son or daughter, a future husband or wife, who would have known what he or she would have gone on to do in life, I felt robbed, broken and hurt that this happened, why me i asked? What have I done to deserve this? Thankfully Danny was there as my rock, he really showed me that bad things happen to good people and that this experience should not be something that we can take and turn around for something good. He was right, what happened was heart wrenching but i had to deal with it the best way I knew how, to get some good out of this bad experience, to use what I had been through to help others dealing with the loss of an unborn child.

As always I’m not going to let past hurts determine my future and hopefully this can strike a chord with others, I know what happened to me happens to women up and down the country every single day and the fact is, its ok to grieve, it’s ok to be sad but don’t let that stop you from believing that the next time you fall pregnant the same will happen again, be positive and remain happy in all circumstances.

Shortly after our friends bought some Chinese lanterns to write messages on, we lit them and watched them float off into the sky as it floated off I felt some of the pain I felt lift.
It was great to smile for the first time in a while and watch them float into sky.

I had to take all my emotion and channel it into something good and that’s when we came up with ‘Baby Friday.’
Friday 13th July 2012 was the day we lost our child and also the same day we thought about starting a baby and kids fashion collection, our aim was to create a collection of beautiful crafted boys and girls clothing and give a proportion of our profits to a charity that supports parents that have suffered a loss in their lives, this way, I knew that with every sale, someone will potentially be helped, this was a dedication to our unborn child.

Baby Friday
I often get frustrated at the lack of style and choice on the highstreet for babies and kids. We wanted to create a collection following the trends that will make your child stand out from the crowd.
Our collection includes girls dresses, baby vests, boys hoodies, accessories and more. We have created designs that even as adults you might want to wear, designs that are in-keeping with fashion trends while still affordable.


The charity we chose to support is Saying Goodbye, this is the first national set of remembrance services for people who have suffered the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, organised by CCEM,an International Event Agency, and supported by many baby loss charities.

Why this charity?
I love the idea of the services, it reminded me of lighting those lanterns and feeling a sense of release when we did it, i really felt that this small act offered some kind of closure and hopefully any parents reading this can take a look at the charity and attend one of there services to help with their losses.

So, after months of hard work, Baby Friday is finally ready, we’re constantly updating the site with new products and special offers so please check it out and remember that you’re not just buying a dress but your helping someone like me to deal with the sadness they have faced