Eivissa 12 months

2 Oct

Wow! What a 12 months this has been! From the moment Eivissa came into this world it gave my husband and I a new, exciting perspective on life. Things that we thought mattered before didnt and things that didn’t matter soon became important.
We had a new drive and energy, not just to settle but to keep pushing forward as a family and enjoy life to the max! We found a new appreciation for people close to you and it really makes you value the people that you want your children to be surrounded by.

As soon as I held Eivissa I wanted to run around the world lifting her up lion king style shouting ‘look at my miracle!’ From the start we wanted to enjoy every day. And we did!


From day one we took her everywhere, although a little nervous on the first outing we really enjoyed having her with us and knew that once we did the first trip out then with time it would become natural.


All parents would probably agree with me but watching your child progress and do the simplest things is so rewarding to witness, I often found myself close to tears watching Eivissa reach her milestones.
I keep a record of everything she does so she can look back one day and look at her progress, here is a little glimpse of her development

Her first smile- 1 week old, my heart almost melted watching her little face, some said it was probably wind but I like to think it was a smile.


Crawl- for weeks we were watching her try her best to take her first crawl then on her 6 month birthday she took her first crawl and within a few weeks was in and out of all the rooms.


Eating- on her 6 month birthday we introduced her to real food and celebrated her half birthday with a banana topped with birthday candles

Tooth- she cut her first tooth at 8 months and now has 5 that have come through, she finds it hilarious to put dannys finger into her mouth and chomp down on it although I don’t think Danny feels the same.

Step- just before her 9 month birthday she took het first step unaided

Walking- as soon as she had mastered her first step we knew it wouldn’t be long before she started to walk and at 9.5 months she was able to take several steps accross the room.


First word- her first proper word was ‘dadda’ although she was saying ‘ba’ and ‘da’ for a while before she mastered a proper word.

First dance- she’s always loved music and we were so surprised to watch her bopping along with her hands in the air to Cheryl cole, even now whenever she hears a beat she will throw her hands in the air and begin to dance.

These are just some of the amazing achievements that our little girl has made and as a family we have loved every second of it.

It’s been such an eventful year and so much has happened, we have moved house, set up a new business and had the ‘one born every minute team’ following us for a follow up show that will be aired next year, it’s been great to be a part of and we’re so grateful that we get to document Eivissa first year and share it with the world.

Some pics of Eivissa at her birthday party.

2 Responses to “Eivissa 12 months”

  1. john edwards October 18, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

    Thank’s for that update, what a lovely bitty to read in the middle of my work, (Editing my new book) I and I am sure many have felt involved in Eivissa’s development. She is a wee charmer and I delight to see her with you whenever we meet. You are amazing parents, an amazing couple and there are great things ahead for you both. Love you both, we are keeping you in our prayers. Esp, Eivissa,

    • heatherfrancesca October 18, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

      Thanks John
      Your words are always so encouraging!
      Can’t wait to have a read of the new book! X

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