Baby’s first holiday

30 May

So, finally summer is here! We are going on holiday for the first time in 2 years and we can’t wait to go away as a family, but with the excitement brings up a lot of other questions. What do I pack? How will baby be on the flight? Will we be able to relax?

I thought I’d give you some tips on how I did it.

We were travelling to Mallorca for a friend’s wedding, it was only for a long weekend so we decided to just take hand luggage, at first we thought it couldn’t be done, especially with a baby but after careful planning and clever packing we proved that, Yes it can!

You really don’t need to take as much stuff as you think. Here is our packing list for 4 days away.


20 nappies
6 swim nappies
2 swimming costumes
1 pack of baby wipes
1 pot Sudo cream
Factor 50 sun screen (100 ml)
4 plain vests
1 pair of shorts
2 skirts
1 sun dress
1 smart dress
1 pair sandals
2 pairs of shoes
1 cardigan
1 small tub to take snacks in
2 sun hats
4 headbands
2 small toys
1 blanket
1 thin growbag
4 bibs
small bottle of calpol


1 beach bag (that u can flatten in to your hang luggage)
2 bikini
2 plain short dresses
1 maxi dress
1 pair of wedges
1 pair of heals
1 pair sandals
2 pairs shorts
Few pairs of thongs/knickers
2 skirts
1 cardigan
1 scarf for the plane
2 sheer button short sleeve shirts
Jewellery (to accessorise for night time)
Hair straighteners
Plug adaptor
Phone charger


2 pairs casual shorts
2 vests
2 pairs swim shorts
2 pairs of shoes
1 pair of flip flops
2 shirts
1 pair of trousers
1 smart jacket


Tooth brush
Hair brush
Shower gel
Sun screen
wash on/off tan

All liquids must be 100 ml max if carrying in hand luggage

On our way.

We managed to pack all this into 2 small travel suitcases.
Top Tips

* Know your outfits before you travel so you don’t pack things that you don’t end up wearing.
* Take a scarf to keep warm on the plane it can also be used as a blanket or if you need to breast feed discretely
* Travel strollers are great! Light weight and easy to collapse and you don’t need to pay for them as luggage

Travel stroller and hire car seat were great for on the move. Stroller was only £19.98 from Tesco.

* arrange a lift to and from the airport so you do have to take the car seat with you on the flight (we hired a car at the other end and payed for car seat hire)
* take a small toy or snacks in a tub for the flight so baby can be distracted during take off and landing.
* you can hand wash bibs and vests when u get to your destination and they will dry quickly so don’t worry too much about spare clothing.

Eivissa loved the beach

Going on holiday with our little girl was so much fun! We enjoyed the beach together, she ate a ton of sand and we loved seeing her play in the water. We took turns walking her along the beach while the other caught some rays. In the evening we went to some lovely restaurants and let Eivissa try the food, most places have high chairs and if they didn’t, she sat on our knee.
After dinner she would fall asleep in the stroller and we went for ice cream or just soaked up the night life. The best way to be is relaxed, let baby see and enjoy what your enjoying,that way everyone can have a good time.
The best way to be is relaxed, let baby see and enjoy what your enjoying, that way everyone can have a good time. Remember it’s your holiday too!

Fun with daddy

Cuddles with mummy

At the wedding. It was a beautiful day and So great to see our friends begin their journey into marriage

We managed to pack in as much as we could over the 4 days and found we had everything we needed. We had fun and felt we relaxed, can’t wait to go on more holidays as a family.

3 Responses to “Baby’s first holiday”

  1. Becca Gardner July 12, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    Heather you are a GENIUS!
    I’ve been wondering about how we could do a holiday abroad and you’ve just written our packing list for us… we’re hoping to go away in september / october and I had been reluctant because of all the packing and messing about, you make stuff sound so easy!
    thank you!

  2. Danielle July 27, 2015 at 5:22 pm #

    what a great blog, and beautiful photos! My packing list halved after reading this! All the best 🙂

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