Baby Eivissa at 6 months

4 Apr

On 17th march we celebrated Eivissa’s half birthday! It has gone so fast but yet we can’t imagine that we lived without her. She has learnt so many things already! it’s so amazing watching her little character grow, what makes her laugh and smile. I never would have believed having children would teach you so many things about your own life and about what matters and what doesn’t.

Being a mum has surprised me in so many ways, I never thought it was possible to love something so much and that love i have felt on a daily basis has made me have more love and compassion towards others. Its made me even more grateful to my amazing husband who helped create such a beautiful girl that I can look at and see the ultimate token of love that is half me and half him. Its helped me understand things from a parents point and again reaffirmed my gratitude towards my parents for the wonderful job they did for me and my siblings, it’s also made me so thankful to my friends who believed in my ablitilly as a mum and encouraged the decisions I made for my new family.

Eivissa has done so much already I cant believe how the time flies.

From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I decided to enjoy every second of it. I knew it would be the most amazing experience!


We have had so much fun taking her places, we dressed her up for Halloween and Christmas parties, took her to London, showed her the great tradition of bonfire night and so much more.
She is with me all the time, even when I do my makeup (I couldn’t resist kissing her). we have created this hole in our life that she is filling and it is the most rewarding thing in the world.

Going to London for our tv interviews and magazine shoots has been a blast! Eivissa was so good. Think she loves the camera haha!

We have enjoyed so many ‘firsts’, first time going swimming, first time in the sun, first time sleeping in her cot and my first mothers day!

20120404-230928.jpgher first date with a boy! she put him in his place!

Her milestones have been so great to see! Sitting, crawling and standing.
Seeing her smile and laugh is the best feeling. I have never smiled so much, my cheeks hurt!

As for my husband it has made him feel ‘super charged for life!’ and more drive to love life to the full. He is an amazing father and a more wonderful husband. I couldn’t think of anyone better to take this journey with, he also helped me create a very beautiful cute baby!


This 6 months has created so many lasting memories that I get to keep for ever, I’m so thankful for each day I get to wake up with my wonderful family, feeling honoured and spoilt by the love I have inside for them, I can’t wait for the next day, month and even years to document all these special moments, creating a life of memories and living life to the full.

Celebrating her 6 month birthday with her first taste of real food(weaning blog coming soon)

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