Reply from Downing street

20 Mar

I received a reply to the letter I wrote to The Prime Minister. Thought you might like to read it:

Dear Mrs Greig

The Prime Minister has asked me to thank you for the letter and card.

It was kind of you to write and share your experiences and to let us know how well you were cared for staff in your local NHS services. We know that they are dedicated, caring, talented people working in our health service and just as complaints help NHS to deal with things that go wrong, stories such as yours let us know where good practice can be found. It helps us tell others in the health service how to improve the way they serve the public and to make sure that they expect and deserve.

Giving praise where praise is due gives great encouragement to staff who strive every day to meet the needs of the people in their care. As you know, their jobs can often be very demanding and words of thanks are an important boost to their morale. I have, therefore, forwarded a copy of your letter to the Department of Health so they too are aware of your praise

Yours sincerely

Correspondence Officer


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