Ticking off the bucket list (Los Angeles)

5 Mar

I believe in living life to its fullest and never taking a day for granted, I never want to get to my grave and feel like I hadn’t lived, when we leave this earth, we cannot take our money or our possessions with us but what we can do is leave a lasting list of memories for others to cherish, that’s why this post is about some of the items on my bucket list that I wanted ticking off, I encourage anyone to live there dreams and do all the things that they want to do!

From being a little girl I have had an obsession with all things American, a few of the things on my bucket list would need to take place in the USA. So when we came to the point of feeling we were ready for kids, we decided to plan a ‘last trip before kids’ holiday to LA.
We went all out! A trip to Vegas to renew our vows, a tour of the UCLA university Campus and clubbing on sunset, we were going to live the ‘American dream’

Pics of some of the things I got ticked off my list

A night out on sunset blvd. $1 bills fell from the sky that night, we collected $45 between us!

The tailgate (where people have BBQ and play beer pong) before the UCLA college football game with our friends Dave and Louisa

Watching the game, we sneaked into where the college kids were and sat near the marching band, felt like we were in a teen movie!

We all renewed our vows in Vegas where Britney got married. Even got a limo there! Bottom right: The gang after we all renewed our vows to each other. 19 years of marriage between us.

The ceremony. One of the highlights of the trip, always wanted a cheesy wedding in Las Vegas

We went to McDonald’s for our wedding breakfast!! Our grooms strutting their stuff in The Venetian casino hotel

Top right winning a jackpot on the wheel of fortune of $6! Bottom Left: The Rehab pool party in The Hard rock casino

Fun on the beach. Top left: watching a band. Middle left: tandem biking along Venice beach. Bottom left Danny and Mitchell hiring a surf board.

Top left: S’mores on the beach (biscuit, chocolate and melted marshmallow squashed together. Yum!) Top right: shopping down Rodeo drive. Bottom left driving a convertible Mustang along the Malibu coast. Bottom right: we went to sit in the audience of the Tonight show with Jay Leno

We got the most out of our trip and made everything count. Our bucket list continues and the cool thing now is that we have our precious children to share it with us, my friend Esther and her husband Mitch had Indie Rae 30th may 2011,followed by our beautiful Eivissa Cali,17th September 2011 and finally Louisa and Dave had their little boy Austin Basil, 13th Febuary 2012

Bottom left Louisa and Austin. Bottom middle: Me and Eivissa. Bottom right: Esther and Indie

make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and treat every day as if it were your last and finally have no regrets!

One Response to “Ticking off the bucket list (Los Angeles)”

  1. AJ March 6, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    Really enjoyed this….Yes live every day to the fullest…Make your dreams become a reality…..xxx

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