My birth story by my midwife

24 Jan

The birth of Eivissa by Jayne Moore

Heather and Danny arrived on the delivery suite in the morning and as I had been informed before their arrival that they were planning on a waterbirth I had begun preparing a room for them. Heather was contracting every few minutes and was very quietly breathing through them. I read their birth plan and noted their wishes, one being for minimal internal examinations. We discussed this together and agreed on an examination to diagnose established labour. There was no rush to do so as all was well in the antenatal assessment and Heathers’ contractions were not yet expulsive so I felt the birth was not imminent.
Heathers’ cervix was found to be 4cm dilated so I began cleaning and filling the birth pool and Heather stayed mobile around the room supported by Danny. Once in the pool Heather and Danny focused on each other, listening to music and breathing and the next few hours seemed to go by quickly. Maternal and fetal observations remained normal so I had no need to do anything but wait for the time being…
As Heathers’ contractions became more intense she regularly changed positions standing and rocking both in and out of the pool. The waters were still intact and the bulging sac was visible underwater for some time, Heather stood up for several contractions and ‘pop’ the waters broke spontaneously when they were ready to and I was hopeful that the baby would follow soon after.
Heather knelt back in the pool and although she remained quiet her breathing changed and she began feeling the pressure of the baby getting lower. I kept observing for signs of the babys head and reassurring all was well, whilst Danny and Heather stayed focused on eachother. Then the top of Eivissas’ head was visible and born soon after. Often with the next contraction the rest of the baby is born with the arms close alongside the body, but one of Eivissa’s arms delivered towards Heathers’ back and the other arm went in front as if she was crawling out to be born, which was beautiful to watch…and then she was in Heathers arms.
After the cord had stopped pulsating it was cut and Danny held his daughter for the first time whilst Heather was assisted out of the pool. Heather and an alert but settled Eivissa had skin-to-skin whilst the placenta delivered without the need for any drugs, then Eivissa had her first breastfeed. I am always overjoyed when a baby arrives safely and it was so rewarding to assist Heather and Danny in achieving the birth they wanted.
I hope all continues to go well

Jayne Moore

*the above is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis, please speak to your midwife or health care professional’

I would like to thank Jayne for taking the time to write this. Jayne truly was an answer to prayer for me and Danny. She respected our wishes and did everything she could to create the atmosphere and calm we wanted during the birth, whilst still making us feel safe that she would know exactly what to do if a problem arose. She is a great example of a wonderful midwife. We need lots of midwives like Jayne delivering our babies.
Thanks so much Jayne, here’s to another 10 years!

Jane and us in the studio on channel 5’s ‘Live with Gabby Logan’, Jayne assisting with the delivery of Eivissa

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