Expect the unexpected

11 Jan

Life doesn’t always run smoothly, Just when we think we have everything under control, we have our routine down to a tee, feeding and sleep patterns are going great then the unexpected happens, baby decides to do what baby wants to do!

A perfect example happened this morning, we were asked to appear on the ‘daybreak’ show on itv to discuss our experience of motherhood and been on ‘one born every minute,’ everything was going to plan, Eivissa was on fine form, smiling and laughing behind the scenes, her outfit looked great and we were all set to make our national tv debut, then, right on cue, live in front of however many millions, Eivissa decides to cry the whole studio down, in that moment my motherly instincts took over and my priority was not the interview but to tend to my Childs needs, as far as I was concerned it was just me and Eivissa in that studio.
We came off air and I automatically felt upset that I couldn’t tell my story in full, but Danny reassured me to keep positive and be thankful that we have been giving this amazing opportunity to appear on tv, i never want to take anything in life for granted, and this was just another thing to be grateful for!

When having a child, the problem is not the unexpected it’s how you deal with the unexpected, life never always goes according to plan, often the route we have planned is not necessarily the route we should be taking, the end destination is always the same but sometimes we have to take a little detour on our journey, we have to accept this fact, obstacles will forever be in our way, so why focus on your situation, instead see the end result that will come out of your circumstance.

I recently read a quote that read 90% of what we worry about never actually happens, which is pretty good odds in our favour I think, so that leaves just 10% of of unexpected ‘things’ that we have to deal with, so if we are prepared to expect some mishaps every now and then be at peace about it, out of every negative you can find a positive!

Understand as a mother, that our tiny little children are just like us, some times they have days when they are more happy than sad, awake more than asleep, this is just part and parcel of everyday life, they are growing every day so just relax about it, embrace the hard days and look forward to all the good ones. This is the joy that we all get to share in being mothers!

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