Happy Parents,Happy Baby(slotting baby into Our lives)

9 Jan

So, as you probably guessed, I’ve recently become a mummy and one of the most important decisions to make in this new role is deciding what kind of parent to be……. The answer??? It’s entirely up to you!!!

My life before pregnancy and actually during pregnancy has always been very social, I love restaurants, spending time with friends and my amazing husband and of course, shopping!!!
I’ve never been the type to sit at home all day, the thought of endless Jeremy Kyle and reruns if cbbies fills me with fear!! I was determined to maintain my life and that Eivissa was going to be an extension of our personality.
So we started as we meant to go on, within the first few days of Eivissa been born we had over 50 people round at the house, it was so important for us that she got to see what our life was about and she got her first lessons in becoming a social baby!

Within the first few days, the routine of being a mother becomes apparent, sleep, breast feed, nappy change, more sleep, more feeding and lots more nappy changes, I had a tough decision to make and it was one that was going to shape the foundation of what Eivissa’s upbringing was going to be about, do I let this new found routine control me or do we embrace the change and somehow manage to fit this routine into ‘our life’

At the hairdressers with daddy

on Eivissas 2 week birthday we decided to head to a Restuarant with our friends. It was a busy Saturday night and the restaurant was packed, ‘your table will be over one hour’ said the waiter, it was already 8.30 pm and we were the only people in the restaurant with a child, I looked at Danny who said, don’t worry, if worst happens then we can leave but at least we have to try! He was right, the first time out is always going to be difficult but if you never try then You’ll never know.

I was anxious that her feed was due at 10.30pm so I wanted to get seated, we eventually sat down at 10pm and by the time our starters had arrived it left me with a few minutes before my boobs exploded with milk, fearful that I was about to cause a flood in the restaurant the thought occurred to me that ‘what is the worse that can happen?’ I sit in the disabled/baby change toilets for 15 minutes whilst I give my girl the super food that she needs? I realised that her routine is portable and that it meant that we could be anywhere and Eivissa would be safe in the knowledge that everything she needs will still be provided.

Feeding time came and I attempted to do ‘table side breast feeding,’ which as any new mother can understand is sometimes a little tricky, even more tricky when the dress you picked out for the night doesn’t have the easiest of access, so as I sat there with Eivisssa wriggling her little body around trying to get latched on I realised that this wasn’t going to work, I stood up,still with Eivissa attached to my boob and rushed to the toilet, unfortunately when you take a newborn to a Restuarant you seem to attract a lot of attention and as I tried to manoeuvre between the tables, a group of women stopped us to admire my little beauty, little did they know that behind her head, my boob was fully exposed with half my dress pulled down, this could have been a very embarrassing situation in front of 200 diners, the site of an amateur mother with her boobs out, milk shooting everywhere is something that I bet they didn’t expect to see on a Saturday night, fortunately for me, my good friend rushed to my aid and ushered me to the toilet just in time to spare my embarrassment.

Me and Louisa at the Restuarant

This for us was a win win situation, not only do we get to remain able to be out and about but most importantly our little girl gets to come with us!Danny and I were so proud of our efforts and even more proud of how social Eivissa was, 2 weeks old and already out for dinner!

I think it’s really important to stay true to who you are and what u like to do. Weather it’s going out or staying in.Be confident and comfortable in your decisions, this makes for a happy mummy and happy baby.

There’s a few areas of your life that are subject to change, below is how I dealt with them ….

*You and your partner
I’m a great believer in happy parents, happy baby, I’m fortunate to be married to and wonderful husband and now father and if we love, respect and care for one another then our child is going to learn from these things and grow up treating others the same.
Imagine your the soil and your child is the seed, providing the soil is healthy the seed will grow and flourish, it’s a fact that good soil grows good plants!

*Friends and family
I love my family and friends dearly and they have always played an important part in my daily life so why should that change now that children are here, I wanted Eivissa to be surrounded by her many ‘aunts and uncles’ who will go on to play a role in her development as a person.
We wanted to set an example to our friends that don’t have children that parenthood can be fun, that it can be the start of life and not the end,that we can still hang out and do most of the same things, life only changes if you let it change!
It’s important to understand that although your going into this world of motherhood, some of your friends may not want all conversation to be consumed by talk of nappy brands and the latest pushchair, be mindful that they have there lives too and that a friendship is about give and take, so try take your friends with you into this new stage of life rather than leave them behind in the old one.

* Work life and career
Running your own business is a very demanding job and before my baby came into the world I was working a lot of hours, Most of the time starting the day at 4 am! I kept working right up until the end of my pregnancy. As far as work goes,it was a very busy time as we had just recently set up another small business and also teaching after school dance and fashion clubs. Although I am very career driven I had decided, with my husband that I was really going enjoy this part if my life. The beginning of your babies time on earth is not something you can get back. So I was going to relax as far as career goes and really be apart of watching my baby grow. When Eivissa was born I got stuck in, meeting other mums, going for coffee and learning from one another. I found Being a mum was truly one on the best careers to have!

*Out and about
I’m not going to lie, having a new born changes some things, how long is it going to take to leave the house,? have I got everything with me?,do they have baby changing facilities where I’m going??

With a simple bit of preparation things can be made so much easier, think about where you are going and the things you need, i often see mums with suitcases for change bags,toys bursting out of the push chairs and there only nipping to pick up a loaf of bread! sometimes we stress ourselves out over thinking things, instead keep it simple.

Work out where are you going and which equipment is good for what?
Here is a list to consider

*Pushchair, Perfect for walks, maybe light shopping but can be a nightmare in a busy supermarket or on the high street

*Carrier, great if in a busy place, or in a rush, also nice on walks

*change bag, don’t pack for 3 weeks if your only out for the afternoon, 4 nappies,1 pack wipes, baby grow,burp cloth, bottle and milk (if bottle feeding) what else could you possibly need?

This is my change bag

*car seat, this is great if she is already asleep in one as you can transfer it straight to a shopping trolley

These are just some practical tips on been out and about,at the end of the day, your baby will do what he or she wants, so be as prepared as you can be and if you end up changing your baby in the back of the car rather than the baby change room then it doesn’t matter, the end result, a clean nappy!!

Remember stay chilled and where you go with your baby will hold no boundaries!

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