My glamorous labour #glabour

6 Jan

me in labour, my baby Eivissa arrived just a couple of hours later

Growing up, we all contemplate the birth of our first child, and let’s be honest,the thought of labour fills every ‘want to be’ mother with dread. I was no different, the ‘fear stories’, ‘close to death labours’, ‘husband punching’, these were all common things that I was expecting too. That was until, I spoke with my cousin who had a completley different take on child birth….things in my mind were suddenly going to change!!!

Having a great experience takes a strong mind and alot of will power, firstly we have to overcome all the negative press surrounding labour and shift our thoughts to the precious end result!Forget the ‘fear mongers’ and the people that said ‘hell would be easier’,rather, decide in your mind that your birth story can be different, then be wise who you tell, you will find that people often don’t share the same mindset as you and often want to crush your dreams, so share your thoughts with those closest to you so that they can all be behind you in your decision. Don’t be afraid to write it in your birth plan, the first thing that any midwife does upon arrival at the delivery suite is look at this, so be clear on what you want and they will do everything within their power to make this happen.

These are some of the things I wrote in my birthing plan…


Think about the things keep you calm and at ease, who will be with you, the lighting, music,water birth, natural birth, all these factors can swing our mood, so be sure that the things you choose are the things that keep you relaxed. I listened to music while in labour, soft, soothing sounds helped my muscles untense, I also had dimmed lighting and just the comforting words of my husband on hand whenever I needed them. The body releases two hormones whilst in labour, ‘happiness and love’, the things that stop these hormones and creates fear, tension and stress is adrenaline, we have to lock this one out and focus on the first two.


This is your moment, so be selfish about it, the midwives are there to assist, but ultimately it is you that is giving birth. Listen to your body,you own it and only you know how it works, work with it and though at times it may feel difficult, continue to trust it and I’m sure you will have a great experience, your body is designed for this, that’s what women have done for centuries so why should you be any different!


I didnt have one!!! know your plan A inside out, have every angle of your plan covered and researched and stick to it. If, for whatever reason, you need assistance then the doctors and midwives are on hand, at the end of the day you will have accumulated all the knowledge for any outcome, and eventually, one way or another (hopefully plan A), you will have this baby!


‘Glabour’ or ‘glamorous labour’ is something that should represent you as an individual. I have always taken pride in my appearance and wanted to maintain how I looked throughout pregnancy and into labour, so my ‘glabour’ consisted of arriving at the hospital in my heals, nails done, make up on and as you see in the picture above I made my own outfit. I wanted to stay true to who I am, and when you feel yourself, then your state of mind is in its best place. there are only a few special days in a woman’s life, our wedding day is one of them, where we want to feel, look and be treated special, this was no different on the day of my labour as I wanted the same things, I wanted to feel at my best, not just appearance but in mindset and soul. It’s all about being yourself and this is me. It might not be you, don’t go putting heals on if you’ve never worn them before. Could be dangerous! Do what’s right for you. It’s all about feeling In control of who u are. it’s not about how you dress but if that’s important to you, then do it. There are no rules!

Me and my beautiful Eivissa Cali 10 mins old

I’m sure all of you will have done your homework on the subject of childbirth, it’s a bit like taking an exam, you would never go into an exam without ever doing your revision, birth is exactly the same and knowledge is key, be certain you know the answers, be sure you know your body and the day you pick up your exam results or in our case, our beautiful bundles then everyone scores top marks!!

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  2. ceris January 23, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    seeen you on tv. you was amazingg 🙂 x

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