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Recommended books

31 Jan

Since before I was even thinking about starting a family I started reading books about pregnancy and birth. For me it was a big battle to get over the fear of childbirth, so I thought of  beging researching early about the truth of labour, when it came to my time to have a baby the ‘negative/realistic’ people couldn’t steal the positivity I had created in my mind because it was so deep rooted.
I thought I would give you the titles of the books that helped shape the way I think. Remember when reading take everything in but spit out the sticks. By that I mean don’t apply things to your life that you feel dosn’t line up with what you’r hoping for. Every one is different nothing is a fail proof formula.

*Supernatural childbirth – Jackie Mize

This is the first book I read in 2006. It’s a book that was given to me by a cousin in America,who told me she had her baby pain free! I had to read it! Changed my thinking forever, the main things I got from this book was that I was to be in charge of my body and not the other way round, that God had created us to do this beautiful act of childbirth and that hope for a good outcome is worth trying.

*Childbirth without fear – Grantley Dick-Read

This book is fab! It was written by an obstetrician in the 1800s who on one occasion went to deliver a baby of a woman who lived a simple life. She refused the pain relief she was offered,saying ‘was it supposed to hurt?’ It was the first time he had heard that, and began thinking that it was the worlds view and scare mongering that was effecting women’s experiences of labour in the western world. He also made studies on how animals give birth and their surroundings, which I found the most interesting.
Grantly Dick-Read (January 26, 1890 – June 11, 1959) was a British obstetrician who is regarded by many as the father of natural childbirth movement. He dedicated his life to educating expectant parents about the benefits of giving birth naturally, with as little intervention from obstetricians and health professionals as possible. Much of the pain in childbirth, he argued, came from society’s attitude towards childbirth, which often emphasised the pain.

Birth Reborn – Michael Odent

A French doctor who was the first to perform water births an absolutely inspiring read. The books blurb describes it perfectly

Read this book! Michel Odent is a wonderful doctor who realized the neccessity of all the medical interventions and gadgets in birth and gave women back the right to do what they do naturally, give birth to their babies naturally, fully alert, following what nature and instinct tell them to do! And that was a long time before, when all the rest of the obstetric worl was introducing more and more medical interventions.
This books decribes his experience of starting a different birth approach in Pithiviers, France, in 70’s as well as the whole process of pregnancy, birth preparation and birth itself. It is not complicated, it is not full of medical expressions: it is warm, it is reassuring, it is full of first hand experience. Book includes wonderful photographs of natural births.

A very inspiring book for every expectant mother who is considering unmedicated birth: either home or hospital.

These 3 books really helped mould my thinking and gave the information I felt I needed to trust my own mind and body.

Once Eivissa was born I read a couple of other books, I found to be a great source of information

Baby wise- Gary Ezzo

This book is said to help a baby to sleep through from as early as 6 weeks. Eivissa was sleeping through by 8. The book is great and gives advice for breast feeding and bottle feeding mums. Remember this worked for me but the best way, when implemeting a routine is to stick to it and if it doesnt work try something else. Every baby is different and it’s not uncommon for some babies to not be sleeping through the night till they are older but relax and it will happen
Here is a review for the book I found on amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Sanity saver!
This book really did save my sanity. I was given it by a friend when my daughter was five weeks old and I’d had no sleep for virtually the whole of those 5 weeks. Putting into practice the principles of this book changed my life – and the life of my family. I now buy or recommend this book for every first time mum I meet. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Published 2 months ago by Cate

The secrets of the Baby whisperer- Tracy Hogg

A good book to help you learn about the different signals your baby gives when crying, food is not always the answer. The routine they give in this book is a sleep/feed/activity which is the same as ‘baby wise’ but it implements in more of a baby led way, where as ‘Baby wise’ is parent directed baby led. Which I found worked more for me. This book is great and it is good to look at other routines and ways to read your baby.
Here is an amazon review on this book

This is written with both love and common-sense by a former paediatric nurse and mother of two. It is packed with tips and advice on all aspects of caring for a baby, including excellent stuff on how to “read” your baby’s signals. Like most first time mums I associated crying with hunger every time until I read this book – now I am much more adept at reading body language and identifying when my daughter is tired/bored/hungry. Rather than put your baby in a regimented routine a la Gina Ford, Tracy Hogg suggests a flexible “eat-activity-sleep” pattern (the “EASY routine”) which can vary in length and the cycles don’t have to start or end at any particular time. It certainly works for me and my daughter, who is a very chilled-out baby indeed! The text is written in a non-patronising, and non-judgemental manner by someone who has had their own children and cared for many others. The only minor criticism I have is that some of the language is a little “Americanised” as Tracy worked in America for several years. However, don’t let that put you off, this is an invaluable guide for first time mums.

The womanly art of breast feeding(la leche league) – Judy Torgus

What a brilliant reading tool this was. I would quickly flick to the page I needed when some thing new would crop up when establishing my breast feeding. To feed my self was something I really wanted to do, but like childbirth it seems to come along with a lot of negativity again, we are made to do this and have done for centuries so I stayed possitive and determined. It is so worth it, it’s true, you feel such a bond with your baby. I actually get butterflies when feeding!

Hope you find these books useful, knowledge is key!


Glabour outfits now in stock

27 Jan

Its official!!!
We have been working hard the last two weeks to get these ready and im pleased to announce that the ‘GLABOUR’ birthing outfits are now available to purchase!

Its very simple, you can follow the link below to ‘Paypal’, if you dont have a ‘Paypal’ account then click the link and there will be an option to pay by any major credit/debit card

We have the outfit available in 2 colours, Red and black and it comes in 4 sizes S,M,L,XL,(If you request the size and colour you want in the ‘add notes for seller section’) All outfits are priced at £19.95 plus postage and packaging at £3.50

SMALL- size 6-10

MEDIUM- size 10-14

LARGE- size 14-18

XLARGE size 18+

(our sizes take into consideration that your bust and waist may be bigger during pregnancy)

The outfits are made from polylycra fabric. The top is a string bikini halter neck, making it easy for baby to go straight on to your chest, the skirt has a side tie so the fit can be adjusted and allows for easy removal. All our outfits come in a dust bag with a personalised message on the inside.




please allow 7-10 working days for delivery

Please click on the paypal symbol below, that will direct you to ‘Paypal’ for you to make your payment

My birth story by my midwife

24 Jan

The birth of Eivissa by Jayne Moore

Heather and Danny arrived on the delivery suite in the morning and as I had been informed before their arrival that they were planning on a waterbirth I had begun preparing a room for them. Heather was contracting every few minutes and was very quietly breathing through them. I read their birth plan and noted their wishes, one being for minimal internal examinations. We discussed this together and agreed on an examination to diagnose established labour. There was no rush to do so as all was well in the antenatal assessment and Heathers’ contractions were not yet expulsive so I felt the birth was not imminent.
Heathers’ cervix was found to be 4cm dilated so I began cleaning and filling the birth pool and Heather stayed mobile around the room supported by Danny. Once in the pool Heather and Danny focused on each other, listening to music and breathing and the next few hours seemed to go by quickly. Maternal and fetal observations remained normal so I had no need to do anything but wait for the time being…
As Heathers’ contractions became more intense she regularly changed positions standing and rocking both in and out of the pool. The waters were still intact and the bulging sac was visible underwater for some time, Heather stood up for several contractions and ‘pop’ the waters broke spontaneously when they were ready to and I was hopeful that the baby would follow soon after.
Heather knelt back in the pool and although she remained quiet her breathing changed and she began feeling the pressure of the baby getting lower. I kept observing for signs of the babys head and reassurring all was well, whilst Danny and Heather stayed focused on eachother. Then the top of Eivissas’ head was visible and born soon after. Often with the next contraction the rest of the baby is born with the arms close alongside the body, but one of Eivissa’s arms delivered towards Heathers’ back and the other arm went in front as if she was crawling out to be born, which was beautiful to watch…and then she was in Heathers arms.
After the cord had stopped pulsating it was cut and Danny held his daughter for the first time whilst Heather was assisted out of the pool. Heather and an alert but settled Eivissa had skin-to-skin whilst the placenta delivered without the need for any drugs, then Eivissa had her first breastfeed. I am always overjoyed when a baby arrives safely and it was so rewarding to assist Heather and Danny in achieving the birth they wanted.
I hope all continues to go well

Jayne Moore

*the above is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis, please speak to your midwife or health care professional’

I would like to thank Jayne for taking the time to write this. Jayne truly was an answer to prayer for me and Danny. She respected our wishes and did everything she could to create the atmosphere and calm we wanted during the birth, whilst still making us feel safe that she would know exactly what to do if a problem arose. She is a great example of a wonderful midwife. We need lots of midwives like Jayne delivering our babies.
Thanks so much Jayne, here’s to another 10 years!

Jane and us in the studio on channel 5’s ‘Live with Gabby Logan’, Jayne assisting with the delivery of Eivissa

My baby routine from birth to 4 months

23 Jan

You may be suprised to hear that I am a believer in having your baby in a routine, as adults, we live our lives loosely based around some sort of routine, we sleep, work, eat, socialise and sleep, the same applies to our children, its not about the routine itself, its about how we adapt to the routine…

I spent a lot of time reading books, looking at other mother’s routines for their babies and assesing the outcomes. I then picked and adjusted a routine that would best suit me and how I wanted to enjoy parenthood.

For this post, I thought you might be interested to know about my daily routine,I like to call it ‘the portable routine.’ My routine has structure, for example the times of her feed, her awake and nap times and her play times are all pretty much around the same time every day but we are not contained to a specific place, we can take this routine and apply it anywhere.

In the first 2 weeks I didn’t fret about putting Eivissa into a routine as I just wanted to enjoy having this new time of getting to know one another, if she needed feeding, I fed her, if she needed to sleep, I cuddled her, I didn’t want to get uptight about certain things, after all she was a newborn and in the first few weeks its so important to create the bond.

I started a loose routine after 2 weeks when I felt I could work out what her cries were saying and I felt more confident with my breast feeding. It was also at this point when I gave her a pacifier, at first I was reluctant, I thought ‘why is she hungry all the time?’ after process of elimination, ie: she has been fed, changed and had a sleep I realised that she just wanted to suck, so I gave in to my own desires and it worked a treat, it actually helped me monitor when she was hungry and when she just wanted to suckle,for me it worked, but if you can do without, great!

When starting your routine, it can be a little tricky, you’r learning just as much as baby is, so don’t be afraid of a bit of trial and error until your routine sticks, stay focused on how you want to do it and stick to your guns, eventually it will click into place, which makes for a happy mummy and a happy baby.

from 2 to 8 weeks
morning 8.30
feed about 30-40 mins
nappy change
wake 10-20 mins
down for nap

afternoon 11.30
feed about 30-40 mins
wake bath
down for nap

mid afternoon 2.30
feed 30-40 mins
nappy change
wake 10 min
nap quite possibly in car or pushchair

late afternoon 5.30
feed 30-40 mins
nappy change

evening 8.30
feed 30-40 mins
nappy change
down for nap

late evening 11.30
feed 30-40mins
nappy change
down for night sleep and bed for us too

middle of night 2.30
feed 30-40mins
back to bed

early morning 5.30
nappy change
back to bed


This is the routine I set, I adapted the timing etc, if she fed early the rest of her routine would fit accordingly. I would feed every 3 hours, followed by a little of awake time(of course when they are new born they are very sleepy so they may only stay awake for a few minutes), this helped to teach her that she doesnt need food to fall asleep. the older she got, the longer awake time she wanted.

At 8 weeks old, she started to sleep through the night, at this point her routine became this,

8-16 weeks

early morning 5.00-6.00
feed 15- 20 min
back to bed

morning 8.30
first feed of the day 15- 20 mins
wake play, chat
down for nap

late morning 11.30
feed 10-15 min
nappy change
wake play 20-30 min
out of the house
nap in car/pushchair

afternoon 2.30-3.00
feed 10-15 min
nappy change
wake 20-60 min

early evening 5.30-6.00
feed 10-15 min
nappy change
wake (could be a bit fussy) 30 mins

evening 8.30-9.00
feed 10-15 min
nappy change
wake play on play matt, tummy time 30-60 mins
down for nap

late evening 10.30-11.00
feed 15-20 min
nappy change
down for night sleep
we go to bed

I am now feeding every 3-4 hours and these are rough estimates of times she would feed etc, her feeds don’t take as long now shes older and her awake times are much longer.
During growth spurts and after she had her immunisations we found that she would wake again at night but after 3-7 days she semmed to return to her normal self.

Our routine suits our lives perfectly. For me I like to have the morning to do work and get ready, so we have more of a strict morning routine, then the rest of the day I will take my ‘portable routine’ and implement it where ever I am. If you like to have your evenings to yourself, then have a strict night routine.

My advice is relax!, if baby isn’t quite getting it, then be cool about it, every baby is different and some take longer than others.
Remember, YOU are the mother and YOU know the wants and needs more than anyone else, don’t let anybody tell you what type of mother to be, just be the best you possibly can be for your child.

Our Fashion story, career and babies

19 Jan

Trying to balance a career and parenting at times can be difficult, we all know full well that being a mother is a full time job in itself, although there’s no pay packet at the end of the month.hehe..

Some of you may know that I run a fashion and styling business with my husband Daniel, we started the company in 2003 and as in any business, at times it can be very difficult and stressful, but on the flip side I’m so thankful that I get to do what I’ve always dreamt of doing.
At 19 years old we were given the opportunity to work for a tailoring company called ‘Adam Fisher’, these guys were the best in the business and the owner, Dave Bullen gave Danny the chance to learn the tailoring trade, within a few months Danny and Dave were going to London and meeting wealthy businessmen who would require bespoke suits, it was their job to make them look good and to create a perfectly fitted suit. Whilst Danny was away in London I was left back at the factory in Leeds looking after quality control of all the garments that went out, we both loved our jobs and our bosses were very good to us but we all knew that our long term plan was to form our own company.

So, a year later, myself, Danny, Dave and his wife Reina formed a ‘high end’ casual clothing business that specialised in made to measure t-shirts, jeans and jackets. After a few months of trading and a lot of networking later, we were able to secure an appointment with the footballer Rio Ferdinand. Danny and Dave went to the meeting whilst I waited nervously at home, a few hours passed before Danny called to tell me how it all went, ‘So, how did you do??’ ‘we sold 10 garments’ replied Danny, this was huge, we couldn’t believe that England’s most expensive defender had just placed an order with us, that night we couldn’t sleep due to the excitement but our dream wasn’t over just yet, the very next day, one of Rio’s friends, Keiron Dyer, asked to see some of our products, so off to Newcastle we went. He ordered 30 t-shirts and then sent us round to his neighbours house, Craig Bellamy. We then found ourselves designing for Ashley cole, Christiano Ronaldo and other top premiership footballers with in 2 weeks!

Driving home after those first client appointments,we had to pinch ourselves, we were just 2 kids from Yorkshire who had found themselves in the right place at the right time, it just goes to show that a bit of hard work and a dream can pay off.

So our business was off the ground and we continued to build on our expanding client list, we were always trying to push our business forward and make new connections. I remember a trip to New York and we were invited to the launch party of Snoop Dogg’s new album, don’t ask me how we got an invite but I think it was just another case of right place, right time, so in we walk to this ‘press only’ launch party, clearly we were not the press but as we approached security who asked to see our I.D, Danny boldly walked passed them claiming to be an official photograper, next thing I know I’m 2 ft away from Snoop when Danny tells me to go talk to him and give him one of our t-shirts. I said, ‘You do it.’

He replied, “I’m not the one wearing a skirt, he wont be interested in me’.

So I reluctantly approached Snoop and after a while talking I handed him one of our t-shirts, sometimes a bit of blagging can go a long way.

This was our lives for a few years and the thought of children was always a distant thought away, we soon started to realise that our life was always going to be busy and there is never going to be a perfect time for children, after much discussion, Danny and I both agreed that ‘ you make time for what’s important’ and that’s when we decided to start a family

How were we going to juggle a busy business and a new born??I was determined to be the best possible mother I could be and Danny too actively wanted to be involved in the early months , he never wanted to be the type of father that worked away constantly and only saw his child for 5 minutes a day, so we both decided that our child was going to take priority over anything!!!

So how were we going to continue our business and still make our child our priority???? ……….il tell you how!

…..I continued working pretty much up until I dropped, I wanted to get so far ahead in my work so that first few weeks of my life as a mother were going to be stress and work free, the same applied with Danny, I would often stay at home doing little bits of paperwork whilst Danny would leave extra early so he could be home by midday.

Having a child has really opened my eyes, it has made me see things in a completely diferent light, I have found that when I stopped work and became a mother, I was exposed to a whole new world of oppurtunity, it made me think of new ideas and made me regroup and focus on where we wanted to go in our business, that’s when my idea of the ‘glabour’ birthing outfit happened, this is now the focus on our business and where we are going to channel all our efforts into getting it off the ground, so, please buy!!!!!hehehe

I know that my calling in life was to own my own fashion design company and rather than sacrifice my dream I merely just put it to bed until a suitable time to get it back out, 3 months later, I feel ready and the cool thing is Eivissa gets to come to all my meetings(sometimes her cuteness is the deal clincher)

I truly believe that you can have your cake and eat it, for so long we are told it has to be one thing or the other, or you can have this but not that, but I like cake and sometimes I want to eat the whole thing so why the heck shouldn’t I ???

Your stories

19 Jan

Just thought I would put up a few of your comments that have kept motivating me to talk about my experience!

Hi Heather, hope you, Danny and your beautiful little girl are well. I saw you on one born every minute and you were amazing, well done.

Just to encourage you, I read your blog and thought it was brilliant so I sent to my friend who is battling with an eating disorder and hasn’t had a period in 6 years. She read your story and has been really encouraged by it as she thought she wouldn’t be able to have children. She is trying to turn her life around now and your story has really helped so thanks for sharing it.

Hope you don’t find this too strange but I saw you and your husbands appearance on one born every minute tonight really encouraged and blessed us. We’re expecting our first in april. You were both very strong and loving, a great example of a great marriage and family. Well done and all the best for your future together all 3 of you!

Heather you blog is amazing!i had a terrible birth with Imy daughter and said I would never do it again.i was scared of everything going wrong again. Your positive outlook on everything has really changed my mind and made me think again. Personally I love glabour!
Thank you for sharing your positivity.

Hi Danny heather & baby eivissa,

I watched you guys on OBEM and found your story truly inspirational! I hope n
pray one day when I give birth I can cope n handle it like heather did! It
looked so calm and serene. Great to see positive birth stories rather than
horror stories!

Hi Heather,
I just read your blog – the bit about being positive and believing for what you want / dream of. It is so encouraging and just what I need to hear. So I just wanted to say thanks!
Bless you. x

Hi Heather

I just wanted to thank you so much for your blog , as it has completely altered my view of child birth , I’m due in may but after reading your words it has put my pregnancy back into it’s true perspective, and for this i thank you

Eivissa Cali

15 Jan

Eivissa Cali Greig was born on 17th September 2011 (the day she was due!) time: 15.29 weight: 7lb 7oz

Her first picture. We love her so much!